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In The Community

D'Arcy's A.R.C.

Our dedicated friends at D'Arcy's A.R.C. are committed to providing shelter, veterinary care, and adoption services for stray and abandoned cats and dogs.  We have worked closely with them for a number of years offering services such as spaying and neutering, examinations and vaccinations, medical treatment and post-adoption veterinary care. 

School Presentations

School visits are arranged upon request, informal presentations are customized according to the preferences of the hosting facility.  Informative discussions may include topics such as surgery, radiology, behaviour, medicine and overall general care of pets.  We often bring along a "special guest" if circumstances allow.

Education Partnerships & Opportunities

Frontier School Division Expanded Options Program allows Grade 9 to 12 high schools students to receive high school credits for classes taken during the Frontier School Division “common weeks”.  The mandate of the program is to offer enlightenment and enrichment that can serve as a window into the future of a student’s genuine career opportunities. It also serves as a medium to legitimize the paths the education system can provide the student.

We provide co-op/practicum opportunities for Red River Community College (AHT Program) and Robertson College (Veterinary Office Assistant Program) students.

Veterinary students are accepted for their practical training in small animal medicine and surgery during their years of study.

Canadian Animal Blood Bank

Our hospital regularly participates in blood collection days for the CABB.

The Birchwood Animal Hospital works closely with the Canadian Animal Blood Bank to help provide much needed blood and blood products for dogs across Canada.  We wish to extend a huge thank you to our generous canine patients and their families for taking time to donate to this great cause. Contact Amber at 204-832-1368 to learn more about how your pet can become a blood donor today.

The Canadian Animal Blood Bank is a not for profit organization supported by the MVMA Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association and RRC Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The organization is dedicated to improving veterinary care by providing blood products for animals who require transfusion therapy as part of their care. The Canadian Animal Blood Bank is located in Winnipeg MB, Canada.

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Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Inc. (PWRC) is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to treat injured and orphaned wildlife and to successfully release them back into their natural habitat. To maximize survival rates and ensure integration once in the wildlife population, PWRC uses effective and state of the art rehabilitation techniques, such as integrative medical therapies, including both conventional and homeopathic medications, as well as attention to environmental enrichment techniques. The PWRC also takes an active role in public education regarding wildlife issues as well as research activities including tracking released animals and documenting the success of natural treatments to assist other wildlife rehabilitation organizations.

West Broadway Youth Outreach

Our staff are proud to be involved with WBYO, a recreational and life skills program for youth aged four to twelve in the West Broadway area and beyond. WBYO staff identify kids who have an interest in veterinary medicine and facilitate one-on-one mentorship with our veterinarians. The youth have spent time in our hospital, watching surgery and interacting with the animals. It has been a pleasure to mentor these motivated kids!

Companion Animal Health Fund

When the Companion Animal Health Fund was created in the late 1970s, its founders had modest hopes for its future success. But thanks to the tremendous support of dedicated people across Canada, the Fund has exceeded those early expectations over and over again.

Donations from individual pet owners, veterinarians, breed and sport organizations and pet health companies have helped to train companion animal health specialists, have supported dozens of research investigations and have transformed the Western College of Veterinary Medicine into a centre of excellence for companion animal health research and education.

Now you can turn the Companion Animal Health Fund into your very own pet project. Support the CAHF and play a vital role in improving the care and welfare of pets around the world. Make a tax-creditable donation as a one-time gift, as an annual pledge, or use the U of S preauthorized chequing plan for monthly contributions. Or, you can make an ultimate gift by including a contribution to the Fund in your will.

Winnipeg Humane Society

We are pleased to participate in the Winnipeg Humane Society's Welcome Home Program!

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