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Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, ECG/EKG Referrals

Ultrasound, Echocardiogram,  Electrocardiogram or Holter Monitor Referral

This form is for referrals from veterinarians only.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a pet owner seeking a referral, please speak with your routine veterinary care provider to arrange a consultation.  We cannot respond to requests from non-veterinarians.

VETERINARIANS: Please complete the referral form and submit it to Birchwood Animal Hospital prior to appointment date.

A 12 hour fast can help reduce gas which will aid with cranial abdominal studies, please encourage it if this is the area of interest.

Dr. Schott will telephone the referring veterinarian with the results on the same day if possible, and will fax a written report within 48 hours.

Tips for Ultrasound Referrals:

99% of ultrasounds do not require sedation (it's dark and quiet in the room), but if you are quite sure your patient will need it, please inform us whether there are any contraindications for specific agents and please have the client book it as a 'drop-off' as appointment slots do not permit enough time for sedation to take effect.

If the urinary bladder is of particular interest, please ask the client not to permit (if possible) the patient to urinate in the couple of hours prior to the ultrasound.  Full bladders provide better contrast.

Fasting is not absolutely necessary, but a 12 hours fast can reduce gas which can help with cranial abdominal studies, so please encourage it if this is the area of interest.

Holter Monitor

Please note: This monitor will not fit toy breeds!

Please contact us to schedule an appointment, the 24 hour monitoring period presents some limitations as to when the study can be performed. This may be affected by our practice hours of operation (consider Sundays and holidays).

We offer the following options:

1.  In hospital application:  The device is fitted, tested and readied for use by our technical team.  Once the data is collected over a 24 hour period, the monitor is removed and the results are transmitted electronically for analysis.

2.  Referring practice application:  Fitting and data submission performed by the referring practice.

DR200/HE Holter and Event Recorder

Alba Medical Holter Monitor Overview

Submitting the data:  Alba Medical - Transmit Holter

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