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Tick & Heartworm Information


-Prevention is important from March 1-Nov 1 at temperatures of 4 C and above, with highest risk during

spring and fall. Exposure generally occurs in grassy or wooded areas.
-Lyme is an organism spread by ticks. Infection may cause fever, lethargy, painful joints and kidney
failure. Anaplasma and ehrlichia are other organisms spread by ticks. Infection may cause fever, painful
joints, lethargy, vomiting/diarrhea and blood loss. Dogs may be infected and not show outward signs.
-Tick (and Flea) Prevention Products:
-Simparica: used monthly, our most effective tick preventative, available as Simparica Trio
which also prevents heartworm.
-Bravecto: used every 12 weeks, very effective tick prevention, hypoallergenic flavour.
-Nexgard: used monthly and generally reserved for puppies.
-We recommend dogs with high risk of tick exposure be vaccinated against lyme. New vaccine
technology is less reactive and highly protective. Prevention is optimized when combined with a
tick product. No vaccine is available for anaplasma or ehrlichia.


-Preventative medication is advised June 1 to November 1. It kills heartworm parasites transmitted to
your dog during the previous month of exposure.
-Heartworm is spread through mosquito bites, so all dogs in our region are at risk. These worms live in
the heart and adjacent blood vessels, growing up to 30 cm in length. Heartworm infection can be silent
for some time. Left untreated it can cause poor circulation, congestive heart disease and death.
Prevention is key.
-Heartworm Prevention Products:
-Heartgard Plus: a monthly chewable
-Simparica Trio: a monthly chewable, also effective against ticks and fleas
-Proheart: an injection which lasts six months
-We have combination product for dogs who hunt prey and are at risk for tapeworm. We also
have topical medication. Let us know if you have questions about your dog’s specific needs.

Heartworm and Tick Related Disease Testing:
-A combination blood test is available which screens for the above parasites. We advise testing
after your dog’s first summer, then every three years or if unprotected exposure has occurred.

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