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Trupanion Medical Insurance For Your Pet
PetSecure Pet Health Insurance

Blood Bank

Canadian Animal Blood Bank

Animal Welfare Concerns

Manitoba Animal Care Line  

Veterinary Referral Links

WCVM Small Animal Clinic
MVMA News - Notice of veterinary specialist clinics (Ophthalmology, Dermatology, etc.)
Natural Healing Veterinary Care

Small Animal Disease Research Charity

Companion Animal Health Fund

Pet Travel

Regulations for traveling in and out of Canada:

Canada Border Information Services
Phone: 1-800-461-9999
E-mail: [email protected]

CDC Traveling with Pets
IATA Traveler's Pet Corner (airline transportation)
Government of Canada -  Travel documents for your pet
Government of Canada - Bringing your pet to Canada
GOC(CFIA) - Terrestrial Animal Health - Exports
GOC(CFIA) - Importing or Traveling with Domestic Dogs
GOC(CFIA) - Importing or Traveling with Domestic Cats
GOC(CFIA) - Do you need a dog import permit?
GOC(CFIA) - Import Policies - Pet Food - Bringing your pet food across the border (Can/US)  see below:

Bringing Your Pet Food Across the Border
It can be tricky to get pet food across the border, especially those that say they contain “by-products.” See our page on “Prohibited Items” and you will note that pet food frequently contains some of these prohibited products.

The regulations for the U.S. and Canada are different and change very frequently so you may need to call the information lines for each country to be sure what the current rules are.  You may want to avoid this hassle by having a company like Amazon drop ship some food to your destination.

  • To bring food across the border it must always be in its original packages – do not carry it in plastic containers.  Any pet food in non-labeled packages may be confiscated.
  • The label should show where it was produced.
  • The ingredient list should be clearly displayed.
  • As of this writing, products containing sheep, lamb, or goat will not be allowed into the U.S.
  • Your best bet for getting food into the U.S. is to have unopened bags that state the food was made in the U.S.
  • When entering Canada, you may bring up to 20 kg, of pet food if it was manufactured in the U.S. or Canada. The pet that will eat the imported product must be with you.

USDA - Bringing your pet into the United States from a foreign country
USDA - Take your pet from the United States to a foreign country

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Manitoba Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization
Injured Wildlife - Gov. of Manitoba Wildlife Branch  Tip Line: 1(800)782-0076

Skunk Odour Removal

Multiple Species
Exotic & Bird Care
Small Mammal Care
House Rabbit Society

Lost & Found Pets

2017 Manitoba Tattoo List 
How to decode a tattoo to help trace a lost animal:

  • The FIRST LETTER represents the YEAR the animal was tattooed.
  • The SECOND LETTER(S) represents the CLINIC where the animal was tattooed.
  • The NUMBERS represent an IDENTIFYING CLIENT NUMBER used by the clinic or rescue organization.
  • *Exception: Tattoos done at D’Arcy’s ARC begin with ‘ARC’ rather than the letter code for the year.

Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert
Winnipeg Lost Cat Alert

Winnipeg Animal Services Lost and Found Pets
Winnipeg Humane Society Lost & Found Pets

Pet Boarding Facilities & Services

Barala Kennels
Santana Kennels
Canine Country Club 
Waldenway Canine & Kitty Camp Inc
Pitter Patter Petsitters Angel's Haven 
Louise's Dog Services 204-896-0207 or 204-293-7676
Cats Cradle (204) 867-6945
Exclusively Cats (204) 287-8810

Pet Transportation / Pet Sitters / Dog Walking

Home James Pet Taxi
Pet Sense
Angie's Animal Care
Winnipeg's Pets Furst
Pets Stay Home
Pitter Patter Pet Sitters
Sturgeon Park Dog Care

Friendly Paws
Care For Pets Unlimited
Louise's Dog Services 204-896-0207 or 204-293-7676

Parasite Prevention & Treatment

Fleas & Ticks

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