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A full range of soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery.
Spay and neuter in dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and rodents.
The most up-to-date and safest anesthetic agents, equipment, protocols and monitoring.

ChartIf your pet is booked for surgery, please watch the following brief video:

What to expect when your pet is booked for surgery

  • Unless otherwise instructed, owners are advised that pets must be fasted prior to anesthesia.  This means they should not be fed meals/snacks after 8:00 pm the evening prior to the procedure and water should be removed early (6:30 am) on the morning of the procedure. 
  • A small morsel for medication administration is acceptable if necessary.
  • On the morning of the procedure please give all regular/current medications as directed unless otherwise instructed.
  • If regular or recently prescribed medication is required during the hospitalization period, please bring these at the time of admission.
  • If a special diet is required during hospitalization, please bring a small portion at the time of admission.

An estimate will be provided for the recommended services but may be subject to change in cases which may require additional care.

On the day of the scheduled procedure your pet will be admitted to our hospital between 7:00 and 8:00 am (unless advised otherwise).  A blood sample will be collected for immediate analysis (unless performed at an earlier date) and an intravenous catheter will be placed in your pet's foreleg to administer fluid support while he or she is anesthetized.  The surgeon will then perform the necessary procedure while your pet is monitored by our veterinary technicians.

Once the procedure is complete, your pet then recovers from anesthesia in a warm, comfortable area under constant observation.  Post-treatment care instructions concerning your pet's individual needs will be provided.  Some will require an Elizabethan collar to prevent licking or chewing the incision as well as prescription medications including pain relief.

Patients are released from our hospital when they are completely recovered and able to physically and cognitively function in a normal manner.  Each pet responds differently to the anesthetic process and hospitalization time may vary.  Most patients will be hospitalized until late afternoon or early evening unless a longer period is deemed necessary. 

The need for follow up visits is determined on a case-by-case basis as it is dependent upon the treatment applied and your pet's response.

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