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Veterinary Specialist Referrals


These services, provided by veterinary specialists, are accessible by referral through your routine veterinary care provider after determining your pet may further benefit from their focused skills.

Specialists are recognized through a formal training and certification program. Find out more information here:


  Referral appointments are arranged by your routine veterinary care provider

Great Plains Veterinary Surgery  is Manitoba's only board-certified veterinary surgical practice, specializing in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.  Appointments conducted at our hospital are on a scheduled basis only as these surgeons provide a mobile consultation and surgical referral service throughout Winnipeg.

The consultation and / or procedure may be conducted either on our premises or at another veterinary facility.

Referring veterinary practices submit patient medical records here: Specialist Appointment - Records Submission

Out of Province / Visiting

These veterinariany specialists provide their services locally but are only in Manitoba on a limited basis (once or twice annually).

Birchwood Animal Hospital clients interested in obtaining an appointment will be notified by us once the next available registration date is established or you may check for upcoming clinics.

Location of these specialist services will be listed on the MVMA website link above.

Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Procedures

(For anesthetic procedures conducted at Birchwood Animal Hospital by local specialists)

A consultation will be arranged with the specialist who will obtain a history and determine the status of your pet's condition prior to discussing recommendations with you.  An estimate will be provided for the recommended services but may be subject to change in cases where the diagnosis is not yet certain.  An appointment for the procedure will then be scheduled

Once the procedure is complete, your pet then recovers from anesthesia in a warm, comfortable area under constant observation.  Post-treatment care instructions concerning your pet's individual needs will be provided.

Patients are released from our hospital when they are completely recovered and able to physically and cognitively function in a normal manner.  Each pet responds differently to the anesthetic process and hospitalization time may vary.  Please allow us adequate time for your pet's procedure and recovery!  Your pet's well-being is dependent upon the provision of optimal patient care.
Most pets will be hospitalized until late afternoon or early evening unless a longer period is deemed necessary.

The need for follow up visits is determined on a case-by-case basis as it is dependent upon the treatment applied and your pet's response.

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